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What Others Are Saying......

  • Rick R. (Texas)

    “We have been using DME since 2010 and couldn’t be happier. We were averaging just over $600 per month with our old dispatching system which doesn’t even compare to less than $100 with DME. I can only imagine how much we would be paying today with our old system considering how much our business has grown.”

  • Whitney M. (Florida)

    “At a time when operating expenses keep going up for every industry I don’t know how NEMT owners could NOT use Dispatching Made Easy! We are saving so much more money because DME is so cost effective…..and our cell phone expenses have been cut by more than half thanks to To say that we are happy is an understatement.”

  • Denise D., (Oklahoma)

    "Thank you Joel and Dan for Dispatching Made Easy and your great customer support. You guys have all been the answer to our prayers! We love Dispatching Made Easy are never going back to a paper trip ticket method again!”

  • Rita R., (Virginia)

    We really like the new features and the upgrades to the Trip Management. It makes it even easier than it was before. I am also very excited about the mileage statistics and odometer functionality. I can see how it is going to help us track our level of efficiency. Thank you for everything you guys do!”

  • Greg R., (Georgia)

    “….you are right, DME is very easy to use. The [name] system that we were using was very confusing for our employees. The excessive functionality wasn’t necessary and was too overwhelming….and it really cost too much unlike DME.”



Only $97 per month! ---- No contracts or long-term commitments --- No startup costs or hidden fees --- 30-day money-back guarantee


DME Mobile

Using their own cell phone with internet access, drivers can now log into DME to download all of their specific transports throughout the course of the day.


Frequently Asked Questions

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